Apple Worm


At months ago I started becoming interested in Android programming. I read books, android development tutorial on the internet, Android forums, see best apps for android, anyway, I tried to get as much information as possible about the operating system of the green robot, and started android app development.

I’ve spent a lot of time to this game, but now it’s on Google Play. Time that I was not with my wife, to which I say thank you for not having put the bags at the door (so far), nor with my child, who is now pleased to know that can play and show her friends the game that father did.


The game is called “Apple Worm” and is based on the classic “snake”, a game that ran on DOS.

The goal is to eat apples while avoiding obstacles and biting himself. There are 3 types of apples that give different points when eating, levels with nice graphics, simple gameplay with only two buttons and 40 trophies to unlock.


The Android app can be downloaded here


Today, “Apple Worm” Android application has got updates.

Now, players can turning left and right, touching the left and right part of the screen.

The bugs at music and trophies have been repaired.

And “Mr. Worm” has a new design, hope you like more :)


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