wonderland dizzy
If grown during the 80s and have always had a huge passion for video games and computers, certainly you faced with Dizzy. Mascot Philip and Andrew Oliver brothers attended the computers and 8 bit and 16 bit consoles around the world, giving players a EXPERIENCE that functioned as a hybrid between adventure games and titles platforms.
The famous egg has remained, however, out of the limelight this the launch of Crystal Kingdom Dizzy at the end of 1992. With the Kickstarter campaign Dizzy Returns, established in 2012, coming to an end without reaching the proposed goal, fans They began to despair by the return of Oliver brothers and their mascot – but to no avail … until now.


Whether they are fans of Dizzy, grab a chair and get ready for a news that will leave you a smile on your face: Dizzy is back officially. Although not a new game, the Olivier brothers today launched a version for Wonderland Dizzy browser, a game developed for the NES in 1993, which had never been released.
The project began in May this year, when the brothers found a floppy disk with the following part numbers and graphics of the game. As the output file was not present on the disk, Philip and Andrew called for help from Jason Fitzpatrick of The History of Computing, Cambridge, and Andrew Joseph, the Yolkfolk.com site, which redirected to Lukasz Kur, a Polish fan managed to create an image in ROM and running.

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Kur also managed to correct some of the game’s bugs and introduce two game modes: fun, which gives players infinite lives to enjoy the title without any problems; and classic, the normal mode of Wonderland Dizzy that will serve as the basis for a contract yet to be revealed.
The game is translated into several languages, and is completely free. Yes, you read well: Wonderland Dizzy can be played directly in your browser without any charges. Can start playing!
The game’s release is accompanied by a new campaign on Kickstarter seeking finance a biography of Oliver brothers. Titled “The Story of the Oliver Twins,” the book will recount the route of the double through the various games they have developed.
Whether they are fans of Dizzy, the new game is totally a must. Play a lost title for over 20 years. Dizzy is back!

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